Import products from Woocommerce to Shopify using ChatGPT for free

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You can import products to shopify using a CSV file, and you can export a CSV file with all your products using Woocommerce on WordPress.

But buy some changeness Woocommerce exports images , separated and Shopify want the images in a new line with only the “handle” filled out. You can’t upload the images after in another file, and the whole process is pretty bad, seems like the right way to do it was the way Woocommerce did it. Shopify uses the same format for sizes and stuff like that.

This is for a shop with no Variants, but you can properly change the script to make it work.

Export from WooCommerce:

Login to WordPress, go to products and click the “export” bottom on top. That is it for the WooCommerce part of this.

The data is pretty clean already.

Clean up data for Shopify

Now you have to change the data so it works with Shopify. It’s easy, use Google sheets and this sample CSV, change the header cells to work with Shopify.

Like change:

Navn -> Title
Category -> Product Category
Copy the title column and name it ‘Handle’
add the short description and description with ‘&’ and make that the new Body (HTML)
Search and replace “\n” with noting.

And so on. you can’t have too much data, Shopify can easily handle it and only uses the fields that are preset, but you can add more data to other fields, just after you upload the csv file to shopify.

It takes a while, but it’s a lot fast than doing it manually later.

CHAT GPT4 clean up date

Now you have all the data ready, except for this image field that is called ‘Image Src’, that thing has all the images are all the images are , separated. And that is something shopify doesn’t like.

First i split up the images so we only have one image on one row.

In the COLUMN: 'Image Src' there are more images with , between them.
Split them up so there are only one image on every line and copy the rest of the cells 

Then we need to clean up the data, this is how i got Chat GPT4 to do it.

I have this CSV file that I need your help to clean up. I have the following columns:
ID,Handle,Type, Vendor, Title ... and all the other headercells ####

Some of the data is duplicated and can be located by the row Handle. If the name in Handle appear multiple times I want you to deleted all information from this specific row expect Handle and Image Src. These 2 colums has to remain on the duplicates while the original should keep all its column data. 

Dont know how to do it in one commando, couldn’t make it do it. So you’ll get my 2 steps.

Then download the newest CSV.

Import the data

Importing the data is easy. Remember to save everything, so when you are done with the design and so on you can import the products again with the newest stock quantity.